12 years of Immigration expertise

Nkechi Gillman knows the immigrant story because she has lived it. She understands what it means to navigate the daunting and tedious immigration process with so much at stake. She is personable, efficient, and empathetic. The mission and approach of The Gillman Immigration Law Firm embody Nkechi’s values and beliefs, which are treating everyone with dignity, respect, and humanity. We don’t see your case as just a file in our office. Each case is a real human story. One of resilience, tenacity, and hope. We are here to continue this journey with you.

Victims of Abuse Green Card

The Violence Against Women’s Act is a relief for victims of abuse, to leave their abuser and petition for a green card on their own. If you are the spouse, child

or parent of a United States citizen or legal permanent resident, and you find yourself in a situation where you are being treated poorly, physically abused, emotionally abused and as a result you are suffering, please give me a call. There are options we could explore for your path to a green card.