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Asylum is a legal protection granted to individuals who have fled their home countries due to fear of persecution. When facing this daunting process, the guidance of an asylum immigration lawyer can make a significant difference. We acknowledge the uncertainty that accompanies departing your country of origin.

What is Asylum?

Asylum stands as a legal haven for individuals enduring persecution based on race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions or particular social group. It provides an opportunity for asylum seekers to achieve safety in foreign lands, shielding them from threats prevalent in their home countries, and empowering them to rebuild their lives devoid of persecution. 

The process entails meticulous evaluation of claims, ensuring that those genuinely in need find a place of safety and security. Our asylum immigration lawyers are no strangers to the intricacies of the asylum process. So, with the due care you deserve, we can provide you with the emotional and legal support you need.

Benefits of Seeking Asylum

Obtaining U.S. asylum is crucially shields from persecution based on various factors, such as race, religion, or nationality. This protection allows asylum seekers to escape peril and fear. Moreover, asylum approval opens doors to legal work authorization, since asylees can contribute to the U.S. workforce, fostering self-sufficiency, family stability, and economic growth.

Another key advantage of getting asylum is the option to apply for derivative status for an eligible family, which lets spouses and children seek protection, uniting with the asylee in the U.S., and allowing them to rebuild in a secure environment. Ensuring our clients obtain said benefits is our priority, so let us help you make a step towards a better future.

Asylum Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for asylum, individuals fearing persecution due to several factors can apply at a U.S. port of entry or within the country. Asylum does not tend to be granted due to general violence or common reasons; one must prove there is a well-founded fear or reason.

Eligibility revolves around the individual’s situation and the conditions they face in their home country. To succeed, asylum seekers must establish a credible link between their fear of persecution and the specified factors. Our team of compassionate and empathic asylum immigration lawyers can help you ensure a brighter future.

What are the Necessary Documents for an Asylum Application?

When seeking asylum in the United States, petitioners are typically required to present a range of documents that support their asylum claim. Some common types of documents that asylum seekers might present as evidence are:

Remember that the quality and authenticity of your evidence are crucial for a successful asylum claim. Our asylum immigration lawyers can help you gather all the necessary and correct evidence to ensure a successful case.

How to obtain Asylum?

Applying for asylum in the United States is a complex process that involves several steps. Petitioners considering submitting their application should consider, among others, the following steps:

Step 1

Arrival in the U.S.

You must physically arrive in the United States to apply for asylum. You cannot apply from abroad.

Step 2

Filing the Form I-589

The Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, which is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website, includes questions about your personal background, your reasons for seeking asylum, and any supporting documentation.

Step 3

Biometric Appointment:

After submitting your Form I-589, you will likely receive a notice for a biometric appointment. During this appointment, your fingerprints, photograph, and other biographical information will be collected.

Step 4

Asylum Interview

USCIS will schedule an asylum interview for you. During the interview, you will be asked about the reasons you are seeking asylum and the details of your case. It’s crucial to be honest and consistent in your answers. This is all about credibility and consistency..

Step 5

Document Submission

Along with the Form I-589, you should submit any supporting documentation that helps establish your claim for asylum. This can include personal statements, affidavits, country condition reports, and other relevant evidence.

It’s worth mentioning that immigration policies and procedures may change over time. Our law firm is constantly updated on the latest immigration law news, and can provide efficient and prompt responses to any questions you may have.

Ensure a Safer Future in the United States with an Asylum Immigration Lawyer

Getting asylum protection can be the first of many steps towards a safer future for people who fled their countries out of fear of persecution. 

However, navigating through such a daunting process can be very complex. Since it adds up to the stress and distress caused by fleeing violence and other forms of crimes in their home countries. 

You don’t have to fight alone, trust our team of specialized asylum immigration lawyers, who will guide you through every step of the way and ensure the beginning of a better life in the United States.

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