Family-Based Green Card Lawyer

As a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, some of your family members could gain permanent status in the country. A family-based green card lawyer could help you navigate through this process, making sure that you meet the eligibility requirements and that your application is correctly prepared. 

What is a Family-Based Petition?

A family-based petition is an immigration benefit that allows U. S. citizens or permanent residents to sponsor certain family members to immigrate to the country. Nevertheless, the specific type of visa you could apply for is determined by the relationship with the citizen or resident.

An experienced family-based green card lawyer could help you navigate through this complicated process, analyzing the best course of legal action based on the particularities of your case and ensuring that your case is properly prepared. Contact us today and reunite with your loved ones as soon as possible.

What relatives could apply for a family-based Green Card?

Certain members of your family may be able to apply for permanent status in the U. S. depending on whether you are a citizen or permanent resident

U. S. citizens can apply for an immigrant visa to:

U. S. permanent residents can apply for an immigrant visa to:

An experienced family-based green card lawyer can help you see if your relative could obtain the benefits of this process.

Family-based petitions relatives classification

Requests for family-based petitions have a preference category depending on the family member requesting them. These family preference categories include:

This system can be very frustrating and only a limited number of visas are issued per year. Our experienced family-based green card lawyers understand the importance of this process, and they will help you explore all of the options available to sponsor your loved ones.

What documents do I need need to obtain a family-based green card?

To obtain a family-based green card, you must submit the following documentation to USCIS:

A family-based green card lawyer understands how overwhelming this process could be. We will be there to assist you in gathering the necessary documents and making sure that your application is properly filled out to avoid any delays. 

How to obtain a family-based green card

To obtain a family-based green card, you must go through the following process:

Step 1

Determine Your Eligibility

Identify your eligibility category for a family-based green card. Common categories include immediate relatives (spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21 of U.S. citizens) and family preference categories (unmarried adult children, married children, siblings of U.S. citizens, and spouses/children of permanent residents).

Step 2

File Forms and Other Documents

As the sponsor, the U. S. citizen or permanent resident must submit all forms and documents to the USCIS address listed on the form instructions. Remember to include all the supporting documents necessary for Form I-130.

Step 3

Attend Interview and Receive Green Card

If applying from within the U.S., attend an interview with USCIS. If applying through consular processing, attend an interview at the U.S. consulate. If approved, you will receive your green card, granting you permanent residency in the U.S.

Please note that this is a simplified guide, and the actual process may vary based on your specific circumstances and any changes in immigration policies. It’s highly recommended to seek legal advice from a family-based green card lawyer for accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your situation.

Keep your family together with a family-based green card lawyer

Bringing your loved ones to the U. S. could be a challenging process. The legal requirements can be overwhelming and the family preference categories could be frustrating sometimes. This is when our family-based green card lawyers can take the stress off and help you.

With our lawyers by your side, you can navigate through this stressful process with peace of mind knowing that your rights will be protected by professionals who understand what you are going through. Contact us and let a family-based green card lawyer help you bring your family home.

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