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Empowering victims of severe human trafficking, the T Visa program offers vital protection against traffickers, and grants access to federal and state public support. Our adept T Visa immigration lawyers specialize in this process, delivering quick and client-oriented guidance. We prioritize our clients, equipping them with comprehensive case information for effective resolution.

What is T Visa?

The T Visa, also called T non-immigrant status, is a type of visa available in the United States that provides temporary legal status to individuals who have been victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons, such as human trafficking. 

T visas grant protection to victims and enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies to identify, investigate, and pursue legal action against instances of human trafficking. With the help of our specialized T visa lawyers, survivors of severe forms of human trafficking can achieve the long-lasting protection they deserve. 

Benefits of the T Visa

The T Visa extends vital benefits to victims of trafficking, encompassing legal safeguards and essential support. Applicants can gain temporary legal status for up to four years in the U.S. without the threat of deportation. Moreover, eligible family members like spouses, children, and parents can also obtain derivative T Visa status, ensuring their protection and unity.

Beyond temporary status, T Visa holders can embark on a path to permanent residency after three years of continuous presence in the U.S., solidifying their legal standing, and additional services like counseling, housing, and support. In some cases, T visa holders can petition for their legal permanent status just after 1 year. Our team of T Visa lawyers can help survivors rebuild their lives with peace of mind.

Eligibility Requirements for T Visa

As a vital immigration relief, the T Visa lays the foundations of a safer future for victims of human trafficking. However, to be eligible for this remedy, applicants must:

Necessary Documentation when Applying for T Visa?

When applying for T Non-immigrant Status, submitting a compelling and comprehensive case is imperative. Some of the key documents an applicant must present are:

Ensuring accurate documentation is vital in obtaining a T visa. For expert assistance in this complex process, our specialized lawyers at GILF are here to provide you with knowledgeable guidance and support.

How to apply for the T Visa?

If you’re a victim of a form of trafficking in persons and meet the eligibility requirements for the T visa, you must face the application process, which involves several steps such as:

Step 1

Form I-914

The applicant must complete and submit Form I-914, the Application for T Non-immigrant Status, along with supporting documentation that demonstrates eligibility.

Step 2

Law Enforcement Certification

A law enforcement agency or an authorized official must certify that the applicant is a victim of trafficking and is cooperating with law enforcement.

Step 3

Personal Statement

The applicant must provide a personal statement detailing their trafficking experience, and explaining how they meet the T Visa requirements.

Step 4

Supporting Evidence

Applicants should include any relevant documentation, such as police reports, medical records, affidavits, and other evidence that supports their claim of being a trafficking victim.

Step 5


Applicants will be required to undergo biometric fingerprinting and photographing.

Step 6

Application Processing

USCIS will review the application and may request additional evidence or information.

Since the T Visa application process can be complex, at Gillman Law Firm, our expert team can evacuate any doubt you may have and work diligently to ensure you navigate through all the steps and achieve the protection you need.

Lay the Foundations of a Brighter Future with the help of our T Visa Lawyers

You’ve already faced enough hardships and suffering in your life to handle this process alone. The T Visa, also called T Non-immigrant status, provides petitioners with legal safeguards and a spectrum of benefits, ensuring a path towards a safer future. 

Secure guidance and tranquility through our experienced T Visa lawyers at Gillman Law Firm. With effective communication and the utmost care for your case, we strive for a successful outcome. Let us assist you every step of the way.

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